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Updated: Jun 29, 2018

The Launch of the utility headband

I was so excited to launch The Utility Headband—one piece that can be worn in a number of ways, from headband to veil. Made of lightweight jersey, these are ideal for wrapping in the summer temperatures, for doing sports in, or even for just keeping on a peg by the door for those unexpected visitors.

There will be a new range of these going up on the website as soon as the jersey arrives for me to make them.

I’m more than happy to take requests for custom orders for these. If you want to see the selection of fabrics available, please contact me either through the Facebook Page, the Facebook group or at enwrapt@outlook.com

Introducting : The Twist

I’m so pleased to be able to announce that ‘The Twist’ will soon be coming to the site! The little sister to The Utility Headband, it can be worn in a multitude of ways. It can be worn as a narrow or wide headband with the twist either at the front or the back.

When fully unfolded it can be worn as a full coverage turban, again with the twist at the front and the back.

They can also be worn with other headbands from the range stocked on the site.

Or it can be used to style a messy bun! I don’t have enough hair but I had some fun faking it for the picture, especially with the glittery pink fringe!!

I’m expecting to use some of the jersey from my next order for these so keep an eye out in the group over the next couple of weeks and I will announce when they go live, if I can find someone with actual real hair to model the product photos for me.

As with the utility headbands, I’m more than happy to take requests for custom jersey fabrics, so don’t be afraid to ask. These can be made in a heavier weight than the utility bands and also potentially in scuba fabric, so the options are endless.

Introducing the new EnWrapt homewares line

This is something I’ve been massively excited about over the last few weeks. My partner and I both come from sea-faring families and are both concerned about the amount of plastic in the oceans.

We’ve been trying to make small changes to reduce the amount of disposable plastic that we use in food packaging, equipment that we regularly change and in food storage.

Creatively it’s been something that I’ve really enjoyed and so some of the products we have tried and tested in our home will soon be coming to the website and available for purchase.

Almost the first thing we tried was these Swishies. Hand crocheted Japanese Tawashi puffs, they were originally designed for washing dishes but they have a huge number of uses. You can clean with them, wash your face and body with them or even polish with them.

Soft and durable, they’re made from 100% fully machine washable cotton.

By the time they go live on the site, I will have a full range of block and variegated colours available. I am also planning to experiment with jute for that little extra scrubbing power.

A new line of reusable bowl covers

The second range of items in the homewares section are these beautiful (and reversible) bowl covers, which we have been using to store food to eliminate the use of cling film, but they have a range of uses and are great for picnics and barbeques to keep the bugs out of your food.

The bowls on the left are the same two covers reversed. Handmade from 100% cotton in complimentary colours, some will come as plain cotton and others will be waxed by me to provide an extra layer of protection. They are extremely easy to maintain—unwaxed cotton can just be machine washed, and waxed cotton simply needs rinsing under the cold tap. I wax the cotton using pure, triple-filtered beeswax from a British supplier. If you are vegan or have beeswax allergies but are interested in waxed cotton, please contact me to discuss the available options. I haven’t yet tried it with soy wax but I am aware there are some designers out there who do it.

Finally (for the moment!!) I plan to make a few more of these quilted door mats. These are made of acrylic felt on a backing fabric and can be made in a number of colours. Mine is a bit battered and muddy (it’s my garden mat) but I am really pleased with it.

I’ll add new items to the store as I make them.

A new hat section!

Over the next few weeks I also plan to add a selection of hats to the site. They’ll be a mix of styles, from hand-crocheted hats to fully reversible cotton sun hats. The pictures below are of the same hat. This can be made in a range of sizes up to a 25” head.

To wrap up....

We didn’t manage to get many behind the scenes pictures from the big day of product photo shooting. I was working in the brightest part of our apartment so it was difficult to take photographs of me at work, but we did get this lovely pic of me wrapping the slate dreams scarf with a fancy flowers headband. Next time we’ll try and get some outtakes!

I’ll be fairly quiet in the group for the next week or so. I’m doing a training course at work and then we have house guests. In the background I’ll be working to restock supplies with the new jersey as it arrives, so I’ll be spending more time at my sewing machine and less time at my laptop! You’ll still be able to reach me via any of the methods mentioned above, though.

Finally, I just want to say that all our products are handmade by me and I am open to introducing customer inspired products. If there are items that you want, or you’d like any of my designs in a specific fabric, don’t hesitate to ask!

Rivka xxx

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